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SZS Interiors was established in 1980 specializing in commercial design.


The creation of interior environments requires an inspired combination of insight, planning, and craftsmanship. The goal is to bring together each client's personal tastes and preferences and combine them with the elements of practical design.


More than just selecting fabrics and wall coverings, interior design is a science of applied and mechanical arts. We specialize in medical and business office renovations. We also provide services in residential design.


SZS Interiors offers professional guidance for all aspects of your project, from initial consultation to total interior design. Our services run the spectrum from space planning, furniture specification, purchasing, installation and site supervision.


Sherry Shanbrom is the creative force behind SZS Interiors.  Her ability to conceptualize projects and bring together a strong creative design team is evidenced by the quality of projects produced by the firm.


Sherry Shanbrom

"The Definition of an Expert is Someone Who Knows What not to Do"

                                                                                                                                                         - Frank Lloyd Wright

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